A book report on song of the buffalo boy by sherry garland

Personally, I have no idea why the author chose the title Song of the Buffalo Boy. There are only a few people who like Loi, but the two main people who likes Loi Except for her family is a buffalo herding boy, Khai, and a perverted old man, Officer Hiep.

Joe was a street-smart kid, a Vietnamese boy trying to immitate Caucasian physical characteristics so that he may finally get a chance to go to America to live his dream of living the American life. The way Sherry Garland uses descriptive words and the throwing in of some Vietnamese words were really informative.

Loi would have had absolutely no sense of direction in a big city like Ho Chi Minh, but with the help of Joe, she had visited many places and learned from it. All and all, Song of the Buffalo Boy is a great book that keeps a steady pace and your interest. Without him, Loi would have never made it as far as she did.

Both of them want to marry Loi. She has her eyes on Khai, a buffalo tender. On the other hand, Hiep is old — too old — and seems like he has the power to control most people in the village.

Khai was suppose to get the matchmakers, but when Loi sees the matchmakers it turns out the matchmakers come to arrange marriage between Hiep and Loi.

The relationship with her mother is poignant and shows how children often judge their parents without truly understanding the paths their parents have journeyed and the reasons behind the choices they have made. Song of the Buffalo Boy gave me some eye opening insight to life after the Vietnam war.

But when he professes his love for Loi, his parents disapprove of the match. Not only was the relationship between Loi and Khai incredibly sweet, but Sherry Garland kept us guessing up until the very end. Loi loves Khai, but the problem is that Khai is uncertain about their marriage.

Only Khai, a buffalo tender, sees her for who she really is. Or the buffalo boy, Khai, debuting to a singer and singing that song and getting famous so he can marry Loi. Along with thousands of others, she applies for the chance to go to the United States in search of his biological Song Of The Buffalo Boy is a touching story of Loi, a Vietnamese daughter of an American soldier.


When she is promised to a violent middle-aged man instead, Loi escapes to Ho Chi Minh City where she plans to reunite with Khai, marry, and go to America.

After months of waiting and no sign of Khai, she is granted passage to the United States—but if she leaves Vietnam alone, will she ever find her beloved Khai? Garland must have done a ton of research Along with thousands of others, she applies for the chance to go to the United States in search of his biological father.

To sum it all up, Song Of The Buffalo Boy is definitely unputdownable and a highly recommended historical novel. My prediction for the book is that Loi will eventually marry Hiep, since he has power and all that.

It was a perfect blend of history and romance. Leave a comment Currently in our humanities class we have been reading books in small book groups. But should she leave her beloved country, her family, and her beloved Khai?

The landscape, the country and its culture become an integral part of the novel.

9780152000981 - Song of the Buffalo Boy by Sherry Garland

One of the few books that is absolutely worth re-reading. They hate Loi because she has American genes, and her mother because they believe that she slept with an American for money, and has a con-lai child.

The characters are easy to relate to and I became very attached to the main characters and the outcome of their lives.

It was a perfect read while having a pho rice noodles and of course, my favorite ca-phe da iced coffee. My favorite character in this book was Joe. If she stays, will she miss the chance to meet the father she has dreamed of for seventeen years?

Song of the Buffalo Boy

And blue jeans for the buffalo boy.Title of the Book: Song of the Buffalo BoyAuthor: Sherry GarlandPublishers: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Year Published: Author: Sherry Garland was born in Rio Grande Valley, Texas she was born on July 24th.

She attended The University of Texas at Arlington; she received a bachelor's degree in French. She majored in linguistics and 5/5(5). Song Of The Buffalo Boy is a touching story of Loi, a Vietnamese daughter of an American soldier.

She has her eyes on Khai, a buffalo tender. Khai really understands Loi and they create a plan to escape the village and get married/5. Song of the Buffalo Boy is a wonderful book about some of the effects of the war in Vietnam.

It was written by Sherry Garland. It is pages, but has a double-spaced format, which makes it fly by. It tells the story of a fifteen year old farm girl in a town near Da Nang, Vietnam. She is very tall, with large hands and curly black mi-centre.coms: 6.

Loi also dreams of Khai, the buffalo tender who returns her love but whose family considers her inferior. To avoid an arranged marriage, Loi stages a fake death and disappears to the streets of distant Ho Chi Minh, where she awaits Khai and considers going to the US as part of a program for Amerasians.

Feb 15,  · Sherry Garland is an author that won over forty awards and honors, and used to write books for adults, but now writes books for teens and children.

She usually write Historical Fiction, and Song of the Buffalo Boy is also a Historical Fiction that takes place in yearVietnam. A romance between a Vietnamese Amerasian and a boy who tends the water buffalo. Written for teenagers. School Library Journal calls it "a compelling coming-of-age novel.

A book report on song of the buffalo boy by sherry garland
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