A report on the book the amityville horror by jay anson

This book clearly outlines pretty much all of the signs and symptoms of psychic phenomena or supernatural occurrences or hauntings or whatever.

On January 14,George and Kathy Lutz, with their three children and their dog Harry, left Ocean Avenue, leaving all of their possessions behind.

Later he would learn that this was the estimated time of the DeFeo killings. Locks, doors and windows in the house were damaged by an unseen force. Twenty-eight days later, the entire Lutz family fled in terror This is the spellbinding, bestselling true story that gripped the nation — the story of a house possessed by evil spirits, haunted by psychic phenomena almost too terrible to describe.

He also stated that he felt a slap on his face during the visit and that he did subsequently experience blistering on his hands. The Lutz children also began sleeping on their stomachs, in the same way that the dead bodies in the DeFeo murders had been found.

District Court judge Jack B. On one occasion Kathy heard what sounded like a window being opened and closed through the sewing room door even though she was sure no one was in there. George tripped over a 4-foot-high 1. Following his visit to the house, Father Mancuso allegedly developed a high fever and blisters on his hands similar to stigmata.

The house was plagued by swarms of flies despite the winter weather. Police officers are depicted visiting the house in the book and film, but records showed that the Lutzes did not call the police during the period that they were living on Ocean Avenue.

The Lutzes did not work directly with Anson, but submitted around 45 hours of tape-recorded recollections to him, which were used as the basis of the book. In the early morning hours of Christmas DayGeorge looked up at the house after checking on the boathouse and saw Jodie standing behind Missy at her bedroom window.

Green gelatin-like slime oozed from walls in the hall and also from the keyhole of the playroom door in the attic. Overall, I think I would rate this book as a high two on my rating scale. Butch DeFeo was later tried for and found guilty of the murders of his family, and was sentenced to the Green Haven Penitentiary.

Criticism and controversy[ edit ] One edition of the book has a quote from a review in the Los Angeles Times on the front cover stating: He reported no paranormal phenomena while inside the house.

He would race downstairs to find the dog sleeping soundly at the front door. The Final ChapterAmityville: Estimates of the sales of the book are around 10 million copies from its numerous editions. Among the owners since the murders were a couple named George and Kathy Lutz, who occupied the house in late The five-bedroom house was built in Dutch Colonial style and had a distinctive gambrel roof.

Posted on August 1, by C. Pecoraro is referred to as Father Mancuso for privacy reasons. In the interview, he repeated the claim that he heard a voice saying "Get out", but stopped short of giving it a paranormal origin.

The Amityville Horror

The Lutzes later collaborated with an author to write this "true account" of their stay in the house. Lovecraftwhich was published in The walls were painted red and the room did not appear in the blueprints of the house. The polygraph tests were performed by Chris Gugas and Michael Rice who, at the time, were reportedly among the top 5 polygraph experts in America.

George saw Kathy transform into an old woman of Kathy had vivid nightmares about the murders and discovered the order in which they occurred and the rooms where they took place.Buy a cheap copy of The Amityville Horror book by Jay Anson.

FOR USE IN SCHOOLS AND LIBRARIES ONLY. Free shipping over $ The Amityville Horror is a book by American author Jay Anson, published in September It is also the basis of a series of films released from onwards.

The book is claimed to be based on the paranormal experiences of the Lutz family, but has led to controversy and lawsuits over its truthfulness. Book Review: The Amityville Horror by Jay Anson Posted on August 1, by C.A.

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Mix horror genre with true crime and you'll end up in a gray area that includes The Amityville Horror by Jay Anson.

The book reads like a novel and the Wikipedia entry calls it a novel but the Library of Congress categorizes it as non-fiction, specifically demonology (case-studies) and parapsychology (New York) and it's call number is BFU6 /5.

A report on the book the amityville horror by jay anson
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