Advantages of living in a small town essay

Cities offer museums, theaters, historical sites, nightlife and dining. The stereotypical view of a small town where "everyone knows everyone" usually has merit, and it is more difficult to make new friends or meet a future spouse.

Pros and cons of living in a small town will depend on your personality. Large cities have greater and more diverse populations, including tourist industries, which appeal to those looking to increase their social circle.

More importantly, access to medical facilities and specialists can be a problem for residents of rural towns. Employees may demand significantly lower wages in small towns, but this often contributes to a stagnant company. Businesses typically avoid areas with a low population because the potential customer base is so small.

Full Answer The limitation in employment opportunities is the main disadvantage of small towns. Schools In a small town, class sizes are usually smaller and teachers and students can get to know each other and their fellow classmates on a deeper level.

Even access to phone signals and wireless Internet can be affected by rural isolation. However, some of these towns noted high taxes as a trade-off for the outstanding school systems.

Finances Jobs can be hard to come by in small towns. CNN Money ranked Louisville, Colorado as the number one small town in America in and the school system is academically ranked among the top three in the Denver area.

Depending on your preferences, small towns might provide a relaxed, slower pace when it comes to entertainment compared to the hustle and bustle of a city, where there is constant movement, commotion and entertainment at every corner.

Residents of small towns may also miss out on the culture and resources offered by big cities, unless they live in a suburban town with easy access to an urban environment.

Recreation One of the disadvantages of a small town is not being close to amusement parks, zoos or museums. You are likely to have more frequent contact with neighbors in a small town than you would in a larger town or city, so it is important to take into account the pros and cons of having privacy.

Also take into consideration other factors, including your plans for a family, the career opportunities, your finances, the schools and entertainment options. Your personality will determine whether a small town offers advantages or disadvantages. However, if you would rather keep the details of your life to yourself and turn your nose up at idle gossip, small town living might not be for you.

Housing might be cheaper in small towns, although commuting costs might be higher. You might be required to commute out of town to work but then return to a peaceful environment at the end of a busy day. In addition, individuals who were born and raised in a small town often cite the social limitations of their environment.

Emergency workers may have a longer response time. If a baby is born, a child is ill or a relative dies, people in small towns often want to know about it and be there for you. Because of the lack of new businesses, there are simply fewer available jobs.Disadvantages of living in a small town include limited industry and business opportunities, a limited social circle, a perceived lack of culture, and less access to resources.

Traditionally, young people migrate away from small towns to cities to find better job opportunities.

What Are Disadvantages of Living in a Small Town?

Small towns may seem boring at times, but there are actually quite a few benefits to living in one. The contrast of living in a small town and living in a big city can be seen in the aspect of the development, the economy level, and the amenities provided.

The first contrast of living in small town and big city is the development. Living in a city and living in a small town have both advantages and disadvantages. It is believed that someone’s personality is influenced by the place where they live.

The place in which you are living may define your lifestyle. There are many benefits to living in a big city, but there are also many negative factors. I have lived in Vancouver, a larger city for my whole life, but I have had experiences in small towns, and yet I am sill undecided on which I like better.

There are many positives to living in a small town. Small towns are simpler, peaceful places. There are advantages and disadvantages to living in a small town.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Living in a Small Town

You are likely to have more frequent contact with neighbors in a small town than you would in a larger town or city, so it is important to take into account the pros and cons of having privacy.

Advantages of living in a small town essay
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