An analysis of norman bates in psycho

Mary told Norman it could not have been him as he was in the attic and asked Norman to make them both a drink. Norman managed to survive as Duke drowned. Norman continues to kill women that come to the motel that he finds attractive. The Oedipus complex is a term used by Freud that describes how during childhood a child desires to sleep with his mother and has feelings of killing his own father.

The passion for killing may have come from this. I guess I just assumed the character was always like that. The film inspired the popular TV series Bates Motel and many films that followed later.

So, what caused Norman to turn into a psycho? The girl escaped and alerted the police. Norman generally cross-dressed and killed his victims, In a lonely chamber of his house, Norman hid the corpse of his dead mother Police finally nabs Norman and sends him to a psychiatric ward.

He preserved her body as best as he could and gave her half his life: He then staged a murder-suicide, complete with a forged letter from Norman.

It was during this period that Norman began losing more and more of his grip on reality. When Connie arrived he attempted to kill her, but she managed to console him, assuring him that their child would not be a monster and forgave him.

As Norman prepared to admit that something suspicious was going on, Mary claimed that she had cleaned up the basement herself. So, they probably acted like a couple without the sexual aspect of it.

Norman Bates

One of great classic American films, Psycho is also the greatest film ever made by Alfred Hitchcock. Hitchcock started making it when his previous films were failing to attract audience and critics alike and his personal life was in turmoil.

Norman, angry that his childhood home had been completely wrecked by Toomey, fired the new manager and extended his offer by letting Mary stay at the house.

He then sunk the car in a nearby swamp. The fact that his mother might have helped him develop the split personalities, by the way she treated him might be a possibility too but he manifested his own thoughts. Upon emerging from his psychotic episode, with no memory of what he had done, Norman "discovered" his mother and her lover dead.

Mary eventually found Norman in the attic, finding the door to be unlocked, confusing Norman. In Psycho, Norman never repressed the Oedipus complex. Because of the domineering personally, Norman probably never socialized with other people.

He was no longer only Norman Bates - now, half of his mind belonged to Norma Bates.

Character of Norman Bates from the Movie Psycho

Every time Marion mentioned his mother Norman got quite defensive and mad. Hearing a voice calling to him, he went back up to Mary. This is why Norman killed his mother and her partner out of jealousy. For that is his problem and he created the idea of his mother in his own fantasy world.


The horror of this discovery caused Norman to go into shock, leading to his being committed to a hospital psych ward. For Norman, he never repressed these sexual instincts as a child.Jul 01,  · Norman Bates: A Most Terrifying Mama's Boy He was like the boy next door — if the boy next door never left his house and took up taxidermy as a hobby.

For millions, Psycho's soft-spoken. Norman Bates is arguably the most unforgettable character in the horror genre. His movements, voice and aura at first radiate a shy young man but transform into something more sinister as the movie Psycho (Hitchcock, USA, ) progresses.

Character of Norman Bates from the Movie "Psycho" I believe that Norman Bates was guilty of the murders of Marion and Arbogast.

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Because his mother which is a figment of his mind or imagination dose not exist for she is dead and Norman. Psycho's psycho leaves a lot to be desired. At least that's the conclusion of a new study that tried to determine realistic portrayals of psychopathic behavior on.

Psycho study guide contains a biography of director Alfred Hitchcock, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis.

Alfred Hitchcock: Why is Norman Bates so Psycho?

Feb 06,  · Norman Bates, the favorite villain Norman sarcastically smiling at the end of the film Norman Bates (played by Anthony Perkins) tends to be one of the popular reel life subjects of (Criminal) psychologists and experts worldwide.

An analysis of norman bates in psycho
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