An analysis of the importance of rochester castle in military sites of the middle ages

How Castles Work

However, the Guild of Free Fishers and Dredgers continues to the present day and retains rights, duties and responsibilities on the Medway, between Sheerness and Hawkwood Stone. Was a castle assignment a plum one for medieval men or women?

Famous Medieval Castles

At feet high the keep he built at Rochester is the tallest in England. In the first quarter of the century the gardens acquired a German field gun and a tank from the First World War, and a bandstand, though they were removed by The castle did not see fighting during the war, even though the city was captured by Royalists in ; this may indicate that the castle was not a serviceable fortification by this point.

Rochester Castle

The Barnwell chronicler remarked that "for such was the structure of the stronghold that a very strong wall separated the half that had fallen from the other". It was a fortified building in its own right, providing a final defensive area if the bailey wall were breached by an enemy.

At the same time a survey was carried out by A. Victor Child Villiers, 7th Earl of Jerseyleased the castle to the Corporation of Rochester in for use as a public park; when it opened to the public inRochester Castle was presented as a picturesque ruin, with trees planted in the enclosure and the walls overgrown with ivy.

Interior The castle is divided into two halves by a central wall oriented north-west to south-east. Like many of the mediaeval towns of England, Rochester had civic Freemen whose historic duties and rights were abolished by the Municipal Corporations Act The central keep was the home of the lord, his family and his closest retainers.

And a stone building means you were probably warmer and drier. In civil war broke out between those loyal to the king and the baronial forces led by de Montfort. Surrounded by an imposing moat, the castle looks intact from the outside.

During the Second World WarShorts also designed and manufactured the first four-engined bomberthe Stirling. Although Rochester had already been given a stone curtain wall by Bishop Gundulf, the Keep dates from this period.

They might have been local people with a long-standing personal or family relationship with the lord and his family as well. John died in and was succeeded by his nine-year-old son, Henry, with the support of the barons.

Rochester has produced two martyrs: In prisoners were held at the castle, probably in huts. So it was a pretty primitive atmosphere. This also gave rise to new designs for famous medieval castles. Eventually, the medieval castle gave way to fortified cities almost a reversal of history and forts like those seen in Colonial times in North America.

Medieval society was a sort of interlocking network of relationships between people based on feudal obligations and on money and very often a bit of both.

And the nearer you were to a store of food, the less liable you were to die during one of the endemic famines. Contemporary chronicler Orderic Vitalis recorded that the siege began in May The second monastery would last until the Dissolution of the Monasteries. The idea was that thick layers of dirt would absorb the impact of cannon fire.

What Were Medieval Castles Used For?

Instead of high brick or stone walls, these forts had broad earthen ramparts with wooden or stone palisades on top. A letter sent from Rochester on 25 November offers insight into the methods of medieval siegecraft.

What was the hierarchy inside the castle? Gundulfthe bishop of Rochester, was commissioned to rebuild the castle while working on Rochester cathedral at the time. There were unsuccessful plans in to reuse Rochester Castle as an army barracks, after the commander of the Royal Engineers for Chatham, Colonel Hugh Debbiegasked the Child family for permission.

The definition of Rochester includes Strood to the northwest and is defined as an urban subdivision with a population of 62, He had a number of people who worked beneath him. The castle entrance is a maze that follows circular paths with dead ends and was designed to confuse an invading army.

John ordered Hugh de Burgh to "send to us with all speed by day and night forty of the fattest pigs of the sort least good for eating to bring fire beneath the tower".

Rochester blocked the direct route to London, which was also held by the rebels. They turned back before arriving, perhaps because they heard the king was advancing to meet them. Simon de MontfortEarl of Leicester, raised a rebellion.These castles, which once served as a military fortress as well as a residence, are now often associated with the fantastical, popular images people can have of the middle ages.

Sleeping Beauty's castle at Disneyland is a good example because it represents an idea to many people of what a medieval castle may have looked like. When talking about the change in castle architecture, we should also consider what castles were for.

The typical perception of castles is that they're militarised structures - fortresses designed for warfare, or to keep a grasp on the surrounding area. Rochester castle had suffered extensive damage, and as Henry III was struggling to remain in power, with ongoing wars with the Barons, Rochester castle was left to decay.

Rochester, Kent

It was the main keep and some outer walls that survived throughout the rest of the middle ages. Castle Development during the Middle Ages - During the middle ages, most buildings and structures were constructed for a specific purpose, for example, houses, churches, statues, etc., but a castle’s main purpose, on the other hand, was very dependent on.

he site on which Rochester Castle is built was originally a Roman castrum, or military camp. Shortly after the Norman Invasion of a new castle was built on a hill near the site on which the current castle now stands.

This early castle would have been a wooden motte and bailey design. Medieval Castle; Famous Medieval Castles; Famous Medieval Norman Castles; Famous Medieval Concentric Castles; Famous Medieval Castle Designers.

The trend of building castles emerged during the ending years of early Middle Ages, mainly in the 9th century AD, upon the disintegration of the Carolingian Empire, when power was largely .

An analysis of the importance of rochester castle in military sites of the middle ages
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