An introduction to the autistic and realistic thinking

They found a huge white fiber tract that runs from deep in my visual cortex up to my frontal cortex. While thinking about the puzzle, the attitude is characteristically that of realistic thought because it is an attitude of expectation of future attainment ; it is a search with effort for the means of attaining future satisfaction; it is an attitude in which the ineffective spontaneous ideas are promptly discarded as soon as their ineffectiveness is definitely anticipated.

They can be sorted into the different categories. Such a recommendation should be guided by the circumstances. Mozart and the whale.

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Other ways of sensory-based categorization would be sound barking or meowing or smell. The person who lives in particulars, in concrete reality, in that which is obviously practical on the face of it, is living a life of narrow usefulness.

Today I no longer think in door symbols because I have a huge database in the Internet inside my head. Pictures helped me make a choice because in the last two choices I see news photos and TV images of killing and destruction.

They can be sorted into the different categories. All my thinking is bottom-up instead of top-down. When I was a teenager, answering the question about capitalism in an intelligent manner would have been impossible.

He may perhaps become gloomy and pessimistic. If the fire is put out when it is confined to a waste basket, the house can be saved. InNancy Minshew and her colleagues performed a method called diffusion tensor imaging on me.

We need to be working to develop the unique abilities of these individuals. The actual statistics is not 2 out of The memories that come up first tend to be either early childhood or something that happened within the last week. Since my mind stores information as photo-realistic pictures, I do not have true abstract thinking.

The explanation for all the conflicting studies in the medical journals was really simple. Here the question was how a stimulus to one sense, such as hearing, affects the sensitivity of other senses. The first that comes to mind is that of indolence. They can do it because they are very familiar with it.

Now I have learned about the many diseases for which we have no cure or even proper treatment and it is very scary. The motive to be master is still there and it may issue in continuing the fight or it may issue merely in mental form.

Brains are wired to put visual information into categories Freedman et al. The president frontal cortex is located at the top and he has telephone and computer connections white matter to offices throughout the building.

The only thing I can say that I did for her was let her know that I could accept her decision to stop treatment which she did. Born on a blue day. I then had a flash of visual thinking insight. Cat July 26th, at SHe went through many rounds of chemo and other treatment.

These individuals have a huge memory for verbal facts on all kinds of things such as film stars and sporting events. February 8th, at 7: Abstract reasoning in autism—a disassociation between concept formation and concept identification.

I simply did not have enough experiences or enough information in my memory to answer it. To form concepts, I sort pictures into categories similar to computer files. In college, I photocopied images of my class notes into my brain.INTRODUCTION. My mind works similar to an Internet search engine, set to locate photos.


How does visual thinking work in the mind of a person with autism? A personal account

From both books and interviews, I have concluded that there are three principal types of specialist thinking. Photo-realistic visual thinkers–such as I. All my thoughts are in photo-realistic pictures (Grandin.

Jul 05,  · Research Shows Three Distinct Thought Styles In People With Autism She has suggested that autistic people’s thinking fall into one of three categories: visual thinkers; verbal/logic thinkers.

- autistic and realistic thinking can be conscious or unconscious C. The significance of individual symptoms for the differential diagnosis - diagnosis of Sz cannot be based solely on presence/absence of certain symptoms – can be present in other psychoses as well.

Two Kinds Of Thinking: Realistic And Autistic No deep insight into mental mechanisms is possible without taking cognizance of the fact of two kinds of thinking: one variously designated logical, directed, or realistic, the other dream, phantasy, or autistic thinking.

May 27,  · How does visual thinking work in the mind of a person with autism? A personal account. Temple Grandin * Autistic thinking is specialized. When I wrote Thinking in pictures (Grandin ) Photo-realistic visual thinkers—such as I. dereistic thinking thinking not in accordance with the facts of reality and experience and following illogical, idiosyncratic reasoning.


Used interchangeably with autistic thinking, although not an exact synonym: dereistic emphasizes disconnection from reality and autistic emphasizes preoccupation with inner experience.

An introduction to the autistic and realistic thinking
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