Colonization of the moon essay

The lava tubes are stable structures within the Moon that have been carved out by lava flows, volcanic eruptions, or seismic activity. Mars has no known helium-3 resources.

Nowadays there are no white spots on the map anymore. These provide immensely lower air leakage risk; this is because the colony will be effectively sealed from the outside save for a small number of exits to enter the surface.

Collectively, these asteroids represent an enormous stockpile of mineral wealth in the form of platinum group and other valuable metals. Mars is a place where humans can live and multiply to large numbers, supporting themselves with products of every description made out of indigenous materials.

Indication that water and vegetation could be present in significant quantities at the lunar poles has increased interest of human settlement as a natural expansion of humanity beyond the earth.

A Stepping Stone for Future Colonies Some astronomers argue that lunar colonization could serve as a model for future colonies on other planets.

Establishing multiple bases on the lunar surface would prompt a linkage by railway systems that are permanent Shreve 9. While NASA has simulators that mimic life on the surface of the Moon, these simulators do not compare to the firsthand experience that astronauts would gather from living on the Moon.

Nevertheless, even with optimistic extrapolation of robotic manufacturing techniques, Mars will not have the division of labor required to make it fully self-sufficient until its population numbers in the millions.

Developing a nuclear fission reactor may as well be the final fulfillment of energy requirements in the moon. Other destinations, such as the Main Belt asteroids, may be rich in potential future exports to Earth but lack the preconditions for the creation of a fully developed indigenous society; these compare to the West Indies.

At the equatorial region, rotation is slowing hence useful in launching material on the moon Burges These benefits could aid in future space exploration.

A proposal of using devices that require electric acceleration also known as mass driver to move objects from the moon without building rockets was put forward. Clarke proposed the idea of constructing a lunar base with inflatable modules covered in lunar dust for insulation. The wealth of America was in fact that she could support people, and that the right kind of people chose to go to her.

Human Colonization of the Moon – a dream or reality?

The models were designed as multi-faceted sites that could sustain commercial, scientific, and technological development.

The attempts that the U.

Colonizing Mars: Problems and Benefits

The existence of such Martian precious metal ores, however, is still hypothetical. Mars is a harsher place than any on Earth. Ideas may be another possible export for Martian colonists. Other measures that could be put in place include putting self-seals to the fabric habitats to retain air.

The thought of colonization of the moon has been encouraged by advancement in technology. However, nowadays it is possible as never before due to several reasons:15 Ambitious Plans to Colonize the Moon.

BY DeAnna Kerley John S. Rinehart wrote an essay proposing floating Moon bases in His idea involved creating vessels that could float in the dust. The Moon is the only other Moon that humans have set foot on, which helped us to understand the formation, internal structure, and history of it.

The “moon’s face” is the second brightest thing in the solar system after the Sun, and has a. The Spanish Colonization in the Philippines Essay THE SPANISH COLONIZATION IN THE PHILIPPINES The Philippines was very lucky because our country was rich in natural resources. And that is the reason why many.

Colonization of the Moon - The colonization of the moon is the first step for humankind to become and interplanetary species. It is the only logical choice, becauseof its close proximity to Earth.

There will be many advantages if the colonization of the moon is success. The colonization will consist of three mission, each bringingmore humans to.

Four decades ago, President Kennedy set a goal for our nation of landing on the Moon within a decade. "This is in some measure an act of faith and vision, for we do not know what benefits await us But space is there and we are going to climb it" (qtd.

in Zubrin 12). It is now the yearwe have /5(3). Deuterium is five times more common on Mars than it is on Earth, and tens of thousands of times more common on Mars than on the Moon. But the biggest problem with the Moon, as with all other airless planetary bodies and proposed artificial free-space colonies, is that sunlight is not available in a form useful for growing crops.

Colonization of the moon essay
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