E-gift shopping essay

More and more business houses are implementing web site providing functionality for performing commercial transactions over the web. On selecting any one of the product, user is shown the columns for the quantity to be entered.

Login functionality should check the authenticity of the user from the database. The E-Gift Shoppy project has been developed to allow business grows larger and faster. On adding to catalog, kindly check the inventory and take appropriate action.

This is a project with the objective to develop a basic website E-gift shopping essay a consumer is provided with a E-Gift Shoppy application and also to know about the technologies used to develop such an application.

Customer is the user of the system. The primary goal of an e-commerce site is to sell goods and services online. Functional components of the project: This screen contains the information about the orders for the user.

E-Gift Shopping Essay Sample

It is an Internet application. If possible, provide the image of each of the product. The business-to-consumer aspect of electronic commerce e-commerce is the most visible business use of the World Wide Web.

Under this website many products and services can be ordered. Once the shipment is done, shipment status is updated. In order to use the load writing procedure, the customer registers itself and receives a login for its purchases name. E-commerce is fast gaining ground as an accepted and used business paradigm.

It gives total value of the order together with individual items ordered. NET, and a web browser as the front end client. Once the order is accepted, inventory is updated and shipment entry is made in the database.

This document will discuss each of the underlying technologies to create and implement an e-commerce website. The customers can have a payment option through credit card only.

This site contains an online catalog for the user. When the user types in the URL of the website, a Welcome page is shown which has a menu on the left hand side, a banner at the top and any related links to other sites.

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User has to login to Welcome Page before ordering anything. This project deals with developing an e-commerce website for online different types of gifts. After entering the quantity, price is automatically set by the system based on the product price data.

These include multi-tiered architecture, server and client side scripting techniques, implementation technologies such as ASP. It is reasonable to say that the process of shopping on the web is becoming commonplace.© Boulder Valley Schools.

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E-gift shopping essay
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