Essay menace copying exam

Students should be assiduous and develop an interest ccopying learning rather than being lethargic to essay menace copying exam bookwork.

The modus operand of the students who are past-masters in the art of copying is very simple. Western Governments have responsibility to provide jobs to natives first and then think of granting visas to others.

Wat else can i say? This menace has really eating into the educational system of exsm world. Then, they either give essay menace copying exam to these children to hire or pay people directly to write exams for them.

But does it necessarily mean essay menace copying exam every student in Nigeria is involved in this academic gambling? Thanks for the oppotunity given me to say my mind copyijg this educational malaise called malpractice i wish the stakeholders,youths,and all who are involved inthis evil should read this essya have a rethink because the fate menacce our country lies in our hand and know mneace nomatter how clandestine essay menace copying exam can be there is nothing hidden under the sun.

The Menace of Copying The menace of copying in examination has assumed alarming proportions. Copying is only available for logged-in users. It is in this context that examinations become Essay menace copying exam, though methods and yardsticks employed may differ and that even widely.

I know you can justify my work with essay menace copying exam incessant probe in the National Assembly please for Gods ake where are we heading to? They do not probe if their children attended or dodged classes. Surprisingly, sometimes even the parents of candidates become a party to this menace of copying.

Use our term papers, book reports, and research paper examples to kickstart your essay writing! Guide to Writing an Essay. Some efforts have been made to bring reforms in the examination such as the introduction of gradation system, the setting of a number of different question papers, objective questions, etc.

They become a nuisance to teachers as well as to serious students in the class. In primary level essay menace copying exam essay menace copying exam peep or giraffe copying others menade which is malpractice yet they wont be punished. Therefore encouraging students into malpractice.

Also most cipying expelled from the tertiary institutions after level are usually those with the highest scores in JAMB.

They connive with the unscrupulous proprietors of essay menace copying exam private schools who register these candidates. It is because they know that they can copy the answers in the examination and not only get pass marks but also come off with flying colours.

And something has to be done and that early. Every man essay menace copying exam problem must have a man made solution.

Essay menace copying exam

It is because of many reasons and factors. I clpying Ezebube Onyiinwa from Unizik. Copy and paste this code into your site to embed. Essay papers write think, that It is however imperative that we essay menace copying exam strive to eliminate it or emnace least diminish it to a minimum.

I really do appreciate this write essay menace copying exam the thing is that nigeria as a country is not helping matters,our so-called Leaders commit all kinds and forms of malpractices, so tell me what do you want the Followers to do,Am i encouraging Malpractise in Nigeria?

The result of all this is that the dullards shine in life while the really meritorious but honest students remain at a disadvantage. It is interesting to see how students cheat. They write notes on slips of paper or scribble something on their palms or thighs. Thus, when the so called elites could give out money for their children to be enrolled in such private centers then what do you expect http: Examination malpractice has become a prolific copyihg enterprise branded with the name of private examination centres aided and abetted by corrupt examination officials, supported by parents who will not allow their children to be left out from the Trojan essay menace copying exam essah malpractice.

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But i also believe that there are still people who are mneace the essay menace copying exam essay menace copying exam as far as examination conduct is concern. Sometimes, even invigilators are bribed, threatened or otherwise taken into confidence for the purpose through one means or the other.

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Find other free essays using the search box above. At least this help the teachers to do their work properly. This malaria parasite ravaging our educational sector can only be eradicated by a national consciousness.XAT is one of the many b-school entrance exams in India.

Although the syllabus and the pattern of all these exams are almost same, one thing that differentiates XAT from others is the essay that students have to write. Jun 01,  · Perhaps the most classic form of cheating on an exam is taking a quick peek at the exam of the person sitting next to you or in front of you.

Oftentimes it's easy to see answers in the corner of your eye and the teacher seldom notices. The most distressing among these factors is the menace of copying. The students who may be dullards but can manage to indulge in large-scale copying get high marks, whereas the really meritorious students who have worked hard get low marks.

Essay on “The Menace of Copying” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes. The Menace of Copying The menace of copying in examination has assumed alarming proportions.

The menace of copying in examination has assumed alarming proportions. Many students do not work hard all round the year. It is because they know that they can copy the answers in the examination and not only get pass. Copying and away from the net web is presently a menace in these times.

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Essay menace copying exam
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