Gordons health assessment

In particular, since most drugs are excreted by the kidneys, renal function is essential to assess in selecting drugs as well as during the ongoing monitoring of drug therapy. This can be positive or negative effect, depending upon the situation and intent of the drug therapy. It could reveal the use Gordons health assessment muscle-bulking agents and illicit use of anabolic steroids which could alter drug pharmacokinetics.

In the elderly the serum creatinine is less reliable as an indicator of renal function because of the normal reduction of muscle mass. Drugs may affect the coordination of movement and muscle activity, e.

Medications can be particularly difficult to manage in individuals who are homeless or living in marginal housing situations. Administration of exogenous pharmacological above physiological replacement doses during early morning has much less suppression of the HPA axis and adrenal cortical function than when doses are given in the evening.

Elimination of drugs from the lungs occurs with alcohol and paraldehyde.

Gordon's functional health patterns

The latter could result in unintentional noncompliance with therapeutic regimens due to the time and stress involved in caregiving for others. The antiinfective rifampim provides colorful evidence of its excretion via body secretions by its orange discoloration of tears, perspiration, and urine.

Through each of these eleven patterns, one can look at how each pattern may affect drug therapy as well as how drug therapy may impact on that pattern. Establishing future reproductive intention in males would be important to determine before initiating chemotherapy or other drug therapy that may affect male sperm production or female egg maturation.

This information can help to design an effective regimen that the patient will adhere to. All patients should be warned not to drive a car or operate any dangerous machinery until these effects have been determined or have abated. This pattern is of special significance in determining the effects of Circadian rhythm variations on drug therapy.

Quinacrine can cause brown discoloration; yellow skin discoloration may indicate drug-induced jaundice e.

Gordon’s functional health patterns

Drugs with CNS stimulating effects need to be given earlier if they are interfering with sleep e. Elicitation of beliefs about the nature of health and factors affecting it or the causation of a current illness can provide insights into beliefs about disease causation and how disease should be treated.

Diarrhea may be caused by superinfection of antibiotic therapy, as well as possibly indicating adverse effects of antibiotics such as pseudomembranous colitis.

This is of particular concern when prescribing drugs with sedating effects. The scheduling of theophylline too close to bedtime should be avoided if it interferes with sleep.Because Gordon’s functional health patterns framework considers each of these factors, it will provide health care professionals utilising it with a comprehensive assessment of the patient’s health (Fulton & Baird, ).

Gordon’s Functional Health Pattern In Marjorie Gordon proposed a functional health pattern as a guide to establish a comprehensive nursing data base. Quick Answer ­­­Gordon’s health functions provide a comprehensive nursing assessment of patients during the nursing process.

Eleven categories covering health and human function are part of this assessment tool created by Marjorie Gordon in Mar 11,  · Gordon’s Functional Health Patterns is a method develops By Marjorie Gordon in proposed functional health patterns as a guide for establishing a comprehensive nursing data base.

By using these categories it’s possible to create a systematic and standardized approach to data collection, and enable the nurse to.

Family Health Assessment Grand Canyon University September 29, Family Health Assessment Gordon’s Functional Health Patterns is a system that was created by Marjorie Gordon in This system served as a.

Through the use of Gordon’s 11 functional health patterns, a foundation is formed in the gathering of information by the assessing of an individual and family in order to identify lifestyle behaviors and patterns.

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Gordons health assessment
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