How can india be a developed

When will India become a developed country ? and, How ?

Roads are not dirty because nobody cleaned it, but because somebody dirtied it in the first place. It is unfortunately still a backwards state going nowhere fast. Over the past decade, India has added local roads and highways that prioritise the speed and efficiency of vehicles with no consideration for human safety.

If the plans proposed are implemented successfully as expected, India will become a developed country soon. But internal security is as important as security from external threats.

Men cannot carry a child in their stomach for 9 months. Here is a brief analysis covering all those major aspects of developmentimprovement on which will ensure high standards of living for people of India.

Proper implementation of Government plans Government is bringing up multiple plans to make India a developed country, however everything in vain. Because an undeniable fact isthat to get every single thing from book and medicine to brick and machinewe need money.

But in many areas we still have long way to go.

Is India still a developing country?

The youth of India today lives in a society defined by multiple languages, religions, ethnicities and political thought, among other things. Any kind of eve teasing should also have severe punishments to avoid any sexual harassment. More than half of all workers languish in low productivity agriculture, while another quarter or so are in low grade services.

But in India we have many politicians who are not having sufficient educational qualification or skillswho have criminal backgrounds and are not afraid of any investigating agency as they are puppets of government. As far as India is concerned, we might score very highly in terms of growth of physical infrastructure, but most of the public places are inaccessible to people with disabilities.

Everywhere there are pollution, especially in cities, air pollution, water pollution etc. Share via Email Election paraphernalia … flags for sale at a wholesale shop in New Delhi ahead of the Indian election, which will last for six weeks.

When will India become a developed country? Death sentence for rapists India is now in the trend of rape. Also, it will reduce the corruption as funds are not centralized in one place. Raka Choudhuryurban planner and writer for the Wall Street Journal Cars make up a tiny fraction of all road users in India.

Government should take extensive measures of having effective and affordable public health care which is accessible at every part of India Priority for agriculture will help in maintaining our back bone steady. A strong and deep rooted banking system will stop farmers from committing suicidehelp students to pursue higher educationpromote entrepreneurship among youngsters and help business giants to dream bigger.

None of us likes itbut why does it happen at such a large level? A strong internal security and intelligence network is needed to curb the terror of naxalists, separatists of north-eastand regular criminals like murdererswomen molestersrobbersthugs etc.

UnfortunatelyIndia has a huge education system having huge problems like poor teacher to students ratioun-updated syllabusconventional teaching methodologylack of job oriented programsdifference between standard of government and private school etc. A well developed network of airports and seaports is also among the top needs for economic growth at present.

It will also benefit from exporting its goods and services to prosperous nations.India A Vision for the New Millennium is a book, written by late former President of India Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam and Dr.

India 2020

Y S Rajan. The book was written by the duo in the yearbefore Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam 's tenure as the President of India. Dec 24,  · India cannot become a developed country without world class securities and commodity markets.” He however, cautioned that financial markets can also damage, if not properly regulated.

India is developed surely because you see china people say it is a developed country but once I read in newspaper that china villages are more developed tha India!

I could not believe that but when I saw the picture I understood how china is.

25 Things Which Will Make India A Developed Country

The question that I am about to address is indeed riveting and to a large extent subjective which is what makes it an area of perpetual debate. There lies a non-exhaustive list of issues to be.

Rating agencies such as Crisil have predicted a further growth in India's GDP to % in The prediction is backed by good rainfall during the monsoon and an upward yield in agricultural.

After looking at above analysis, we can clearly understand that even though we can enjoy the fruits of growth of India from now itself, a developed India is at least 20 years away from us.

How can india be a developed
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