Probiotics research papers

Although prebiotics seem to have a role in health promotion this needs to be supported by further studies. Prebiotic substances are not hydrolysed nor absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract but are available as substrates for probiotics and the most commonly used ones at present are nondigestible fructooligosaccharides.

Probiotics and Food Products The range of food products containing probiotic strains is wide and still growing.

The term was originally used to describe substances produced by one microorganism that stimulated the growth of others and was later used to describe tissue extracts that Probiotics research papers microbial growth and animal feed supplements exerting a beneficial effect on animals by contributing to their intestinal flora balance [ 5 ].

Nevertheless, these probiotic effects are still a matter of debate as further research is needed in long-term human studies [ 57 ]. The exact mechanisms are under investigation, but studies have demonstrated that certain members of Lactobacillus Probiotics research papers Bifidobacterium spp.

The genus Bifidobacterium is therefore rather traditionally than phylogenetically listed among them as they use a separate metabolic pathway. The name of the condition is derived from the plaque-like adhesion of fibrinopurulent material to the damaged mucosal layer and it is characterized by diarrhoea, abdominal distention, vomiting, fever, and leukocytosis and if untreated might lead to complications such as toxic megacolon and perforation.

Nevertheless, despite the promising evidence, the role of probiotics in human health as well as the safety of their application should be further investigated as the current knowledge of the characteristics that are necessary for their functionality in the gut is not complete.

Bulgaricus, are even more effective in this direction, partly because of higher beta-galactosidase activity, improvement of lactose metabolism is a claimed health benefit attributed to probiotics and seems to involve certain strains more than others and in specific concentrations.

Furthermore, numerous animal studies have indicated an inhibitory effect of probiotics against enteropathogens mainly through the production of bacteriocins [ 44 ]. View at Google Scholar S. Probiotics however have not been very successful in alleviating symptoms of asthma [ 51 ].

Review Article Health Benefits of Probiotics: As far as the final product is concerned, the probiotic dose levels should be based on the ones found to be efficacious in human studies and the colony forming units per gram of product is an important parameter.

Proposed mechanisms include interference with cholesterol absorption from the gut, direct cholesterol assimilation, and production of end fermentation products that affect the systemic levels of blood lipids and mediate an antihypertensive effect. View at Google Scholar M. View at Google Scholar A.

Furthermore, evidence suggests that food products containing probiotic bacteria could possibly contribute to coronary heart disease prevention by reducing serum cholesterol levels as well as to blood pressure control.

For example, in a prospective, randomized, controlled French study conducted among children in day care, the administered probiotic yoghurt product containing L. Conflict of Interests The authors have no conflict of interests to disclose. Wan Nadiah, and M.

This evidence seems adequate concerning the prevention and treatment of certain conditions while simply promising or even controversial when it comes to others. A limited number of strains have been tested for their efficacy in the treatment and prevention of allergy in infants.

Matters for future research include the optimal dose of the probiotic preparation and the comparative effectiveness of different probiotic interventions [ 34 ].

Until recently the most widely used definition which contributed to the development of the probiotic concept in several ways was that of Fuller: Microencapsulation technologies have been developed to protect the bacteria from damage caused by external environment.

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Within this market the probiotics have been incorporated in various products, mainly fermented dairy foods.Feminine Health and Vaginal Odor Elimination ProductsRelieve Discomfort · Easy To Use · Balance pH · Gynecologist TestedTypes: RepHresh Gel, Pro-B Probiotic, Clean Balance Kit. Probiotic bacteria have become increasingly popular during the last two decades as a result of the continuously expanding scientific evidence pointing to their beneficial effects on human health.

As a result they have been applied as various products with the food industry having been very active in studying and promoting them.

Probiotics research papers
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