Salford university dissertation declaration

A payment for resubmission is made to the Income and Treasury Management Office prior to submission; That for a PhD candidate is required to resubmit for the lower award MPhil with or without re-examination, to be completed or submitted within three months; That no degree is awarded and resubmission is not permitted.

You must put your copyright request in writing. Appropriately bound work as outlined in the Code of Practice for the Conduct of Research Degree programmes; Evidence of e-submission receipt or receipt number ; Completed and signed Declaration Two Form.

Electronic theses

If you still wish to make your thesis available in electronic form, you may deposit an edited version of it. Be as clear as you can about identifying exactly what it is you wish to use. You might be asked to pay to use the copyrighted material.

Where there is significant, realisable commercial value, the University will work with the author to ensure that it is exploited as advantageously as possible and that where the University has a legitimate claim, the appropriate division of income is agreed with the author.

The Research Award Regulations outline the prescribed length of a thesis as below: Other categories of candidature can be found via the dedicated PG website.

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Please also be aware that to have a journal article published you do not have to sign over the copyright to the publisher.

What is the process following the viva voce? Obtaining 3rd party copyright permission If you need to obtain copyright permission for any third party material, do it as soon as you decide you want to use the material — try to avoid leaving it all until you are writing up. If your request is granted then even though you deposit it in USIR, access will be restricted for an initial period of two years.

Please remember that copyright fair dealing allows you to use it in your bound copy - so you can still use the information you need and write the thesis you want. Edit the second version: If not, write a letter or send an email. In the case of Masters candidates where a viva voce is not required, the Joint Examiners Report must be submitted to Student Administration within six weeks following receipt of thesis for assessment.

Sometimes it may be longer depending on the date of submission during peak times. This form is completed online and the appropriate link will be sent to each supervisor by the PGR Support Team in the month before their students are due to re-register. Using 3rd Party copyrighted material While you were researching and writing your thesis you will have made use of many copyrighted items: This might be an author, illustrator, composer, etc.

For researchers who initially registered prior to October Do not remove your caption. My student has completed the corrections and is is ready to submit their final thesis. Remember that you must also acknowledge the reproduced material fully, in the appropriate style, in a citation and reference list.

Can my student apply for a moratorium? In all instances the following should be completed: Although technically it is still an unpublished work, some commercial publishers may take a different view and this may have an impact if, in the future you wish to publish your thesis as a book, or publish individual chapters as journal articles.

Forms can be found on the dedicated PG website. Generally, these will be short extracts from a number of different sources.

UTLC recommends that all Schools seek to use two forms of student declaration: Save a second copy of your thesis - this must be a copy of the final passed version with all corrections included. Internal candidates who wish to be considered for the PhD by Published Works must first submit an Expression of Interest form Oct v1.

Do not expect an immediate response.

What documents do I need?

Must not have been prepared with the assistance of any other person, except those permitted within University guidelines www. The approved paperwork will then be passed to Student Administration to process. What are the potential outcomes of the Viva?

My student is progressing well and we expect that they will be in a position to submit before the end of the minimum period of study. Additional information can be found on the dedicated PG website.

This assignment is in accordance with University and School guidance on good academic conduct and how to avoid plagiarism and other assessment irregularities.

You must acknowledge this material correctly, in citations and a bibliography, in an appropriate reference style for your discipline your supervisor can advise you about which style to use. Remember, if the creator of the work you are citing or reproducing has been dead for over seventy years, copyright will have expired and you will not need to seek permission to use it.

Because you are only using a small proportion of the source you do not need to seek copyright permission for this material — but bear the following in mind: The supervisor needs to countersign the declaration before the candidate submits the thesis.My student has completed the corrections and is is ready to submit their final thesis.

What do they need to do? From January all successful theses must be electronically submitted into the University of Salford’s Institutional Repository (USIR).

We would be pleased to assist you with the printing and binding of your thesis/dissertation, then the delivery/submission on your behalf.

We work closely with Universities across Greater Manchester. We pride ourselves on our association with Salford University, Post Graduate Office, The University of Manchester and The. The initial/detailed declaration. It is suggested that this should be used following degree programme briefings on good academic conduct and avoiding plagiarism (within a few weeks of the start of term and before the first assignment is due).

I acknowledge that the University provides advice to students on good academic conduct (and how to. The number of papers included in the PhD by published work thesis may vary ‘A thesis submitted to the University of Manchester for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in the Faculty completed and bound in with the candidate's thesis.

This declaration requires the candidate to state: Guidance for the PhD by Published Work. University of Salford theses can be searched for via the Library Search which brings together all of the Library's collections and allows them to be accessed from a single interface, regardless of format, type or location.

Major search engines such as Google and Yahoo will also find our digital theses. Related Post of Salford university dissertation declaration a research paper network raven critical thinking used in a sentence homework help now sites for students.

Salford university dissertation declaration
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