Slow drivers

First, it creates a long line of frustrated drivers behind the slow poke. So think about it. Signs are there for your safety. That, my friends, is your decision and yours alone. There is a peaceful solution to a potentially dangerous problem. What emotions are the people behind you experiencing?

Elderly drivers Bring up the topic of elderly people on the road and somebody will inevitably accuse you of being ageist.


You need front, side and rear focus to be ready to react in a moments notice. Lets just face the facts here: Slow drivers the last question remains.

Most people will respond to this and get out of the way. But it does happen. These comments are much more than the rants of an irate writer and road test editor; they are the observations of a journalist who specializes in road safety.

A perfect case in point occurred last month while I was travelling home from work on a large national road. This can end in tragedy. Of course, if you bring up some of the points above, your typical slow driver will quickly deflect the blame away from themselves by stating that the fault ultimately lies with those who failed to react to their speed in an appropriate manner.

If you Slow drivers driving 20KM under the speed limit, what do you think the knock-on effect will be on other motorists? Of legal note, there are cameras on poles to catch you on the road these days. Maybe they have somewhere extremely important to be? This is despite the fact that many elderly people would lose their licenses if they were forced to re-sit their driving exams.

Slow drivers cause the most frustration

The answer is yes. At no stage do I tailgate people Slow drivers act in an aggressive manner. And in this day and age, some go so far as pulling out or shooting a gun, sad to say. Also, motorcyclists are allowed to use the HOV lane. Basically, it was a calm winter evening and there were no adverse weather conditions whatsoever.

In a worst case scenario, the driver might instinctively swerve in order to avoid an impending collision. Faster traffic uses the high-speed lanes.

When drivers drive too slow in the high-speed lane many dangerous situations can Slow drivers. I am sick and tired of being held up because some ignorant turtle chaser is happy to just saunter along and act as if they are completely impervious to the long line of traffic that has built up behind them.

We all know that speeding is against the law. It is fair to say that disrupting the normal flow of traffic can cause an awful lot of confusion for other road users.

Do not let your temper get so out of control This can cause a chain reaction of harsh braking and fender benders, especially if the road in question is busy. But then add a drunk driver on their phone?

Privacy Policy I hate slow drivers I am fed up of being stuck behind motorists who feel as though it is perfectly fine to drive 20KM or 30KM under the speed limit.

The lanes in between the high-speed lanes and the slow speed lanes on lane highways are for drivers who wish to drive somewhere in between the maximum and minimum.

Then why is it time after time, day after day, freeway after freeway, people are driving 50 miles per hour in a mph lane? Give them a chance to respond and react.

The worst thing of all was their reaction to the cars that had decided to overtake them. Cops no longer need to stop you on a busy freeway. They also regularly find themselves in situations where they are afraid to drive the speed limit.

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Turns out slow drivers, particularly those who hang out in the left lane, can cause more accidents. This video from Vox, explains why driving in the left lane is so dangerous and can lead to real traffic problems.

When slow drivers linger in the left lane of multilane roads, you may be forced to pass on the right, causing confusion and disorganization that can lead to accidents.

Turning a corner and quickly catching up to a slow driver creates dangers in residential areas, too. Jul 08,  · Laws targeting slow drivers in the left lane are being introduced in more states with the goal of reducing congestion and accidents.

Having slow drivers in all lanes can cause faster drivers to have to slow down and weave back and forth to change lanes, increasing the possibility of accidents.

I hate slow drivers

If speed limits aren’t set at speeds near what most people are driving, than there may be more slow left lane drivers who impede traffic. There are 4 basic types of drivers: The slowpokes and religious speed limit obeys.

The slow drivers and casual speed limit obeys. The fast and generally typical drivers. The tailgaters and speed demeans. The 1st and last ones .

Slow drivers
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