Swot analysis for gma 7

As a result, Prime becomes more profitable and Amazon customer satisfaction increases. Online marketplaces also potentially allow for selling more units without any increase in marginal costs. In other words, it creates a competitive advantage no other company can match.

Certainly in some countries, 7-Eleven has expanded into offerings of wine, beer, fuel, ATMs, coffee, donuts, pizza, sandwiches and so on. In return, AWS provides two important elements for its sites: For Amazon as an online retailer, the key place to sell its goods is its website.

Access the full analysis In some locations, these stores operate on a lean budget and only have minimal staff, which presents the opportunity for some consumers to occasionally shoplift.

SWOT analysis of Apple (5 Key Strengths in 2018)

How to use the strengths to take advantage of the opportunities? In addition, we offer Amazon Prime, an annual membership program that includes unlimited free shipping on tens of millions of items, access to unlimited instant streaming of thousands of movies and TV episodes, and other benefits.

Individually branded products In addition to having a strong overall brand, 7-Eleven also has several branded product offerings. We also manufacture and sell electronic devices, including Kindle e-readers, Fire tablets, Fire TVs, and Echo devices, and we develop and produce media content.

An example here is Gatorade, where certain flavors are only offered through 7-Eleven stores. Franchised model Many of the 7-Eleven stores throughout the world are franchised. We serve consumers through our retail websites and physical stores and focus on selection, price, and convenience.

How big is the bargaining power of buyers? This is a significant threat to 7-Eleven over time, as they would not have the low cost structure required to compete effectively on a price basis with a major retail chain, such as Walmart for example.

While there is potential to cannibalize sales of existing outlets, much of this concern is passed to the franchisee and does not necessarily affect the parent company.

In addition, a management team is required to recruit, train and monitor the various franchisees, which also adds to the overall cost structure on an operational basis.

It was founded in and now has over 50, outlets worldwide. Third party sellers are mainly attracted to because of the high volume of traffic on Amazon sites. In addition, the Company sells a variety of third-party Apple compatible products, including application software and various accessories through its retail and online stores.

Shoplifting Like most retail stores, 7-Eleven will have the continued threat of minor shoplifting and stealing. Weaknesses High rental costs Due to the need to locate the 7-Eleven outlets in very convenient locations, they are likely to incur higher rental costs as a result.

The essential difference between the above mentioned matrices lies in the type of factors incorporated in the model; whilst the latter is engaged in internal factors, the former deals exceptionally with external factors — those exposed to social, political, economic, legal, etc.Another part of the report is a SWOT-analysis carried out for GMA Network, Inc.

It involves specifying the objective of the company's business and identifies the different factors that are favorable and unfavorable to achieving that objective.

The SWOT analysis focused on the advantages and areas of opportunity for Little Caesars, as it is having a growth spurt in the GMA. This SWOT example for 7-Eleven convenience stores is designed to help you understand and structure a SWOT analysis.

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It is ideal for university assignments or as a template for a business exercise. It is ideal for university assignments or.

Amazon SWOT analysis Strengths. 1. Low cost structure, the largest merchandise selection and a huge number of third party sellers. Amazon is the largest online retailer in the world. Inthe company earned US$ billion purely from online sales, more than any other retailer in the world.

[1]. 7- Eleven SWOT Analysis adam April 4, Retailing 2 Comments The company 7 eleven is operating as a subsidiary of Seven & I Holdings Co.

SWOT analysis of Amazon (5 Key Strengths in 2018)

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Swot analysis for gma 7
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