The benefits of democracy essay

Disadvantages Democracy is the best form of government so far found, but democracy is not without its defects and its critics. It has enriched the life of the people who take a warm interest in the affairs of their country and of the world. Democracy brings the greatest good for the largest number of people.

In simple terms, democracy means that the people should rule themselves. Go here to subscribe for free and download the episodes straight to your phone, tablet, or computer. Direct democracy puts all of the power in the hands of the people, which causes more people to come out and vote, as well as to educate themselves on the happenings of the world and their country.

Corruption Is Reduced The main source of corruption in politics comes from the politicians. A typical politician does not enjoy freedom simply to represent his or her constituents. Under a system of direct democracy, we can choose a Revels bag with no caramel chocolates in it.

Direct democracy removes this problem, because the politicians do not have the ability to make the decisions any longer. When a voter participates in a referendum, they have none of these issues.

Another thing is that all information regarding every issue would have to be published and made available to voters prior to voting. Everyone is free to express his opinions, and although occasionally there may be restrictions on individuals, personal liberty is the goal of democracy, and there is more freedom is democracy than in any other form of government.

There is simply no better way of making the debate about an issue and the thinking about a solution more transparent than throwing it open to every citizen.

It cannot, therefore, be the best form of government. Where there is generalised ignorance surrounding a political question, political figures are usually unable and unwilling to implement good policy. As the size of states is becoming larger and larger, we have to content ourselves with indirect or representative democracy.

Delay in decision making process: A common complaint about representative democracy is that it creates a distant class of lawmakers who will often collude with vested interests, or become so detached from the lives of the general public, that they will make decisions that the public do not support.

Conclusion The arguments against democracy have only a temporary significance. The electorates do, indeed, vote once in a few years, but they can take an intelligent interest in the daily affairs of their countries.

Single issue campaigns are flourishing while political parties struggle to function with tiny memberships.

A large majority of the population does not have the education or skills needed to make major decisions on how a country is ran. In conclusion, direct democracy could engage and encourage the education of the public; avoid the potential conflicts of interest that politicians face; enable voters to choose the exact policy platform that they desire; enhance transparency; and make corruption more difficult.Home Advantages and Disadvantages The Advantages and Disadvantages of Direct Democracy.

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Democracy is a government for the people and by the people, but no form of democracy is truer to. This essay will seek to define Democracy, the meaning of the word, the system and the history, and describe two of the most famous democracies: Direct democracy and Representative democracy.

Democracy is a form of government where people have power to participate in the government.

Democracy: Advantages and Disadvantages of Democracy

But Democracy does not mean the same concept and advantages to all people everywhere; it changes each time it translates into a different language and cultural context. Democracy (translated into Chinese as " minzhu," or "people-as-masters") is not a concept inherent in Chinese culture or political philosophy.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Direct Democracy

Oct 13,  · Direct democracy is the process by which the public make governmental decisions themselves, instead of entrusting elected representatives with that task. It can take a variety of forms, but the primary ones are. Democracy benefits the individual citizen the most.

There are many characteristics of democracy however Freedom of speech, Equality before the law, and freedom of the press are the most beneficial elements. Democracy is best defined as “government of the people, by the people, and for the people.” (Abraham Lincoln) Democracy implies both popular participation and .

The benefits of democracy essay
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