The gujarat model

BlockedUnblock FollowFollowing Live with purpose. Even if, the government spends proportionately more on corporate subsidies and on other facilities to corporates and less on human development, the human development indicators are expected to improve because of relatively higher rate of employment.

Alas, this claim too has been debunked. If one probes further, one is told the model lies in unmeasurables: This has received phenomenal results as the school dropout ratios have dropped considerably since the time when Narendra Modi took office.

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Do the Memons of South Africa? Three and a half years have passed, but little has been done to check sewerage from flowing into the river.

The Gujarat muddle

Agriculture The growth of agriculture since has been mainly led by shifts in cropping patterns, improved productivity and price effects, as Amita Shah and Itishree Patnaik show. It is only during the monsoon that some pools are visible.

I have a problem with the gullibility of those who fall for this, and who thrust their insistence upon others. Which way is Gujarat going? Just before the Assembly elections, CM Modi announced 50 lakh houses in five years. Nearly 45 per cent of children below five are undernourished.

Though there are a number of central and state pro-poor programmes, their implementation is very poor. However, afterdroughts and water crisis brought down the rate to 3.

The wage rates in Gujarat are almost the lowest in major states in India, with the rank declining over the past decade or so. In the heat of the present political moment, these voices deserve to be heard again. Resolving this puzzle would be a far more useful application of mind than cheap propaganda for NaMo.

This pattern also brings up the contentious issues of subsidies provided to large businesses in Gujarat, an issue that is covered in detail in a chapter by Indira Hirway, Neha Shah and Rajeev Sharma. It had a functional Public Distribution System — again not as effective as in Tamil Nadu, but much better than in north India.

But, it seems that the State of Gujarat is at most an average state with respect to the human development indicators.

Gujarat model: The real story

So now the hope must be that, regardless of the model that he chose for Gujarat, Modi does not seek to apply the same policies for India as a whole. If we compare states on the Human Development index, Gujarat ranks 10th. Narendra Modi devoted special attention towards the healthcare and education sector.

Today the package is worth Rs. The rates of subsidies were larger for larger investments. Simultaneously, Gujarat spent less than most of the other states of India on education and health.Clearly, the Gujarat model under Modi is not a pure capitalist model.

It is pro-business, but retains elements of a strong state and public sector performance. One should call the Modi model as something that steers clear of right- and left- categorisations. The entire world talks about the Gujarat Model of Development. This is a Model that celebrates the collective efforts of the people of Gujarat.

The Gujarat Model

Gujarat’s development journey is characterized as development oriented, inclusive and participative. Even so, the Gujarat Model has been bandied about for so long and so loudly that it has become real.

Tens of millions of people are about to vote for it, on the assumption or hope that it is coming soon to their state. The truth, sorry to disappoint, is that there is no Gujarat Model.

There is a Gujarati Model, and there has always been. To this, the votaries of the Gujarat model respond that the right thing to look at is not the level of Gujarat’s social indicators, but how they have improved over time.

Gujarat. Nov 19,  · The “Gujarat model” has, therefore, been characterised by attempts at attracting big investors who generate growth but few jobs (and even fewer good jobs), at the expense of the exchequer.

It is also characterised by disappointing social indicators reflecting comparatively low social Christophe Jaffrelot. “The Gujarat model is more about ideologically-neutral good governance than the sort of big-bang reforms seen in s Britain and America,” says Vivek Dehejia, an economist.

The “Gujarat Model”

What sets Mr Modi apart from many of his predecessors is his ability to make a decision and be held accountable for it.

The gujarat model
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