The ideal society

Long, long ago, brethren, there was a sovereign overlord named Strongtyre, a righteous king ruling in righteousness, lord of the four quarters of the earth, conqueror, the protector of his people, possessor of the seven precious things.

And whosoever in your kingdom is The ideal society, to him let wealth be given. Banish skill, discard profit, And thieves and robbers will disappear.

But on the seventh day after the royal hermit had gone forth, the Celestial Wheel disappeared. This is the ideal of simple village life rooted in tradition and interwoven with loving ties of family and friends.

Then, brethren, all that were enemy kings became vassals to the king, the Wheel-turner. Act up to the noble ideal of the duty which is set before true world sovereigns. When all the eighty-four thousand kings of the eighty-four thousand capital cities of India think of their mutual welfare and feel mutual affection and joy It was when the country fell into chaos and confusion, That there was talk of loyalty and trustworthiness.

If those who dwell within it manifest a spirit of accord and fellowship, it will progress steadily and human conditions become brighter, whereas through enmity and strife it will be degraded and its inhabitants scattered.

This sutra The ideal society the suffering social degradation which follows when the Dhamma is not practiced, and predicts that the world will one day return to the practice of the truth and realize the social ideal once again at the coming of the Maitreya Buddha.

Hence schemes and plottings come about and men take up arms. Proclaim liberty throughout the land to all its inhabitants.

Thus the Chinese religions idealized the legendary days of the ancient sage-kings. Doctrine of the Mean 20 I exist for my family, my family exists for our society, our society exists for our nation, our nation exists for the world, all the world exists for God, and God exists for you and me, for all mankind.

It was when the six family relationships lost their harmony, That there was talk of filial piety and paternal affection. Throughout your kingdom let no wrongdoing prevail.

Propriety li and justice i are used as the norms to regulate the relationship between ruler and subject, to ensure affection between father and son, harmony between brothers, and concord between husband and wife; to set up institutions, organize farms and hamlets, honor the brave and the wise, and bring merit to the individual.

Let people revert to the practice of knotting ropes [instead of writing], and be contented with their food, pleased with their clothing, satisfied with their houses, and happy with their customs.

The social ideal is one where there is liberty, justice, kindness, and peace. You shall not act wrongly, touching bodily desires. All mankind will dwell together as one family, blend as the waves of one sea, shine as stars of one firmament, and appear as fruits of the same tree.

God enjoins justice and kindness, and giving to kinsfolk, and forbids lewdness and abomination and wickedness. But let justice roll down like waters, and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream. And in whatever place the Wheel stopped, there the king, the victorious war-lord, took up his abode, and with him his four-fold army.

Adi Granth, Sri Raga, M. Though there be armor and weapons, there would be no occasion to display them.

When the right principles of man operate, the growth of good government is rapid, and when the right principles of soil operate, the growth of vegetables is rapid.

You shall speak no lie. More of this passage, p. It was when knowledge and wisdom arose, That there appeared much hypocrisy. Old people were able to enjoy their old age; young men were able to employ their talents; juniors respected their elders; helpless widows, orphans, and cripples were well cared for.

For a similar Buddhist image, see Digha Nikaya iii. Each regards as parents only his own parents and treats as sons only his own sons; wealth and labor are employed for selfish purpose.

Thus evil schemings were repressed, and robbers, thieves, and traitors no longer appeared, so that the front door remained open. His were these seven precious things: Indeed, government is comparable to a fast-growing plant.

King Strongtyre, having in due form established his eldest son on the throne, shaved hair and beard, donned yellow robes and went forth from home into the homeless state. There- fore the conduct of government depends upon the men. Let there be a small country with a few inhabitants. This is likewise true of a city.

People are by nature independent and can be expected to drive themselves.An imagined ideal society / place in which everything is perfect, pleasant, organized with no worries of money; and in its reality problems or harm do not exist among the Utopians with all things natural.

IDEAL Society is a collectivity composed of members of all ages hailing from various nationalities, cultures, religions and backgrounds. Uniting this group is a common ideal of fraternity among people. The ideal of a righteous society is the topic of this section. The social ideal is one where there is liberty, justice, kindness, and peace.

Some of the verses of scripture which teach these human rights and social values have stirred people of every age to the struggle for freedom and justice.

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To transform society so that women can pursue their dreams, fulfill their potential, exercise leadership, and be respected for their achievements. Hala Zreiqat, Founder I would like to take this opportunity as this website goes live to acknowledge the support and sponsorship I have received during the establishment of the IDEAL Society network.

An ideal society is a society in which the many pursuits of individual freedoms (to each his own) are guarded by the protection of our collective interests and trust, to stave off a modern-day pillage and plunder of society and to spawn the evolving strengthening of human renewal.

The ideal society
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