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The Rant has become a tidal wave of Canadian affirmation. On 2 MayHeritage Minister Sheila Copps screened this ad for a Boston audience to show Americans how passionately Canadians cherish their cultural identity.

Here are the lines of the commercial. Those behind the ad insist it packs a pro-Canadian, not anti-American, wallop.

I have a Prime Minister, not a President. If you truely are Canadian, read this out loud at the top of your lungs, add your name and then send it on its merry way to as many canadians as possible.

Molson Canadian Commercial

From concept to creation, The Rant took nearly three months to complete. The United States is such a looming presence in Canadian life that virtually the only way Canadians have to define their identity is to highlight whatever is un-American about themselves.

Whoever started this current e-petition is of the opinion this beloved commercial stands in danger of being axed. Controversy or not, no one is looking to pull it from the airwaves. This commercial has sparked debate about whether it should be interpreted as an expression of Canadian pride or as a declaration of anti-American sentiment.

I Am Canadian Rant by Molson

Circulate the petition in an effort to acquaint people with The Rant, if you must, but do not do so in effort to prevent a great injustice from being done.

I believe in peace keeping, NOT policing. Canadians have a beer commercial. It started in movie theatres, migrated to television and now has become such a cultural phenomenon that the Molson brewery is having it performed live at sporting events.

Perhaps the elephant fails to notice the mosquito or credit it with the ability to be annoying. According to a 30 April Calgary Herald article: Molson is a noted brewer in Canada, and Canadian is but one of this family of beers, which also includes Golden, Brador, Export, Ice, and Dry.

Which, in the final analysis, might be better. When the commercial first appeared, Runciman voiced concerns over what he saw as its negative message about Americans. Many have come to see The Rant as a Canadian gospel of sorts, and reactions to it range from choked up to shouting along with its script.

Let the list begin! Which was time well spent — not only did it give Molson Canadian, a beer lagging in popularity, an instantaneous boost in sales with toyear-old men, but the ad established itself with the non-beer crowd as a passionate declaration of national pride. High-school students reportedly have begun reciting it spontaneously in corridors between classes.

At least one highly-placed government official has made use of The Rant to promote a Canadian agenda in an international forum. Every once in a while a bit of advertising emerges overnight as a definitive piece of popular culture.

And when it was performed two weeks ago at the National Hockey League playoff game between the hometown Maple Leafs and the Ottawa Senators, it generated the kind of fist-in-the-air ovation usually reserved for goals scored in sudden-death.

Bar patrons now demand that the volume be turned up when the ad comes on the TV screen, so they can shout the words along with the handsome Nova Scotia actor in the plaid shirt.Molson’s stock price increased % in the following year.

The Rant revitalized the Molson brand by creating awareness in year olds and single handedly established it self with the non-beer crowd and built a national sense oidentity in their brand.

I Am Canadian

One of Canada's most memorable advertising campaigns, the I Am Canadian Rant by an "average Joe" (actor Jeff Douglas) spawned an outward expression of Canadian.

I Am Canadian was the slogan of Molson Canadian beer from until (via ad agencies Maclaren Lintas, then MacLaren McCann), and between and (by Bensimon Byrne).

It was also the subject of a popular ad campaign centred on Canadian nationalism, the most famous examples of which are "The Rant" and "The Anthem". Molson Canada produced Molson Canadian, Canada's best-selling beer. Canadian's previous advertising campaign "The Rant" had been incredibly popular, making it one of the most successful ads for Molson in a long time and winning numerous international and domestic advertising awards.

Jan 05,  · (Molson is a noted brewer in Canada, and Canadian is but one of this family of beers, which also includes Golden, Brador, Export, Ice, and Dry.) From concept to creation, The Rant took nearly three months to complete. Read about I AM CANADIAN Rant by Molson Canadian and see the artwork, lyrics and similar artists.

The rant molson
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