The telescopic observation matrix

It is inevitable that some of the criteria have to be relaxed. Do not look directly at the radiant. September Learn how and when to remove this template message The telescopic observations strategic framework — a strategic planning tool designed to enhance intelligence gathering and improve marketing planning.

Comfort is essential for good observations. The telescopic observations system can be best described as a dynamic programme of continuous situational monitoring, intelligence gathering, organisational learning, and performance monitoring to inform decision making and direct the strategy formulation and re-formulation process.

Given a choice avoid twilight and when the Moon is prominent say between first and last quarter phases. You might find the following useful: Sporadic activity increases from dusk to dawn, so a later watch is likely to yield more meteors.

At your desk Plot the actual radiant position s onto the star charts you will be using, taking into account the radiant drift which can be looked up in the Shower Calendar. There are sometimes special or ephemeral events which justify diverging from these recommendations, like a possible shower outburst.

Sometimes talking to your neighbours and explaining what you do, you can get them to switch off the security lighting and pull curtains when you are observing. This may involve making or buying a binocular mount, or finding a second-hand typists chair with adjustable seat height.

Eyes can be shielded from direct illumination which would otherwise ruin dark adaption. Given a single radiant the aim is to select two fields such that meteors traced back would intersect at near right angles at the radiant. It should not be covered by trees, etc.

Then arrange your equipment according to the direction chosen. A coat hood, a dark cloth, rubber caps for eyepieces do alleviate the situation. This is mainly to optimise the numbers seen, since the apparent speed increases with radiant distance up to 90 degrees against the cross section of atmosphere being monitored.

You will also need to be familiar with its use in complete darkness. This means you need to select the charts to take to the observing site. Extinction of a rising or setting moon by the atmosphere can extend an observing session by up to 30 minutes.

This cannot be overstressed. Increased particulates in the air also reflect artificial lighting. According to the authors, its integrative design overcomes some of the weaknesses of other available techniques whilst utilising the strengths of SWOT and PEST analyses. Going with an observing partner helps pass the journey time, and is safer.

Therefore finding a dark site free or with minimal artificial light is crucial to a successful watch. To help you, IMO has produced sets of charts for specific showers, looking for minor showers, and monitoring sporadic activity. Cold and damp nights are at best unpleasant for the unprotected observer, and at worse can be very dangerous if prolonged exposure to conditions like these occurs.

If you are cold or contorting to reach the eyepiece, you will not be giving your undivided attention to meteors. Merely choosing two fields can generate artifacts in the analysis of your observations. Please follow the instructions as outlined there for your telescopic observations as well.

Report the center of the field in your notes. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. To assist you in the selection process IMO recommends certain charts for certain showers.The telescopic observations strategic framework – a strategic planning tool designed to enhance intelligence gathering and improve marketing planning.

Telescopic observations strategic framework

The telescopic observations strategic framework or TOSF (Panagiotou and van Wijnen, ) [1] presents an. Methods and Statistics of TV Observations of Telescopic Meteors Yu. M. Gorbanev, A. V. Golubaev, V. V. Zhukov, E. F. Knyaz’kova, S. R. Kimakovskii, METHODS AND STATISTICS OF TV OBSERVATIONS eration electron-optical image converter and a matrix CCD detector.

This camera allows one to find moving. An Improved SWOT Framework. Your browser is not supported. Some parts of this page may not work.

Telescopic Observations

Please upgrade your browser for a better experience. – After a thorough review of the relevant literature and a balanced critique of the SWOT framework, a composite “telescopic observations strategic framework” is built step‐by‐step by integrating available conceptual frameworks and models in new relationships.

"The Telescopic Observation Matrix" Essays and Research Papers The Telescopic Observation Matrix INVERSE OF MATRICES AND DIFFERENT METHODS OF FINDING INVERSE PROPORTION. You could refer to the SWOT in the strategic matrix in the Telescopic Observation model – if you have undertaken this analysis Implementation of the Marketing Strategy A paragraph to contextualize this section would be useful.

The telescopic observation matrix
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