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I believe that wars that are for peace is justifiable while wars that are happening because of power and greed are not justifiable. We assume that human instincts are of two kinds: In speaking of the majority I do not exclude soldiers of every rank who have chosen war as their profession, in the belief that they are serving to defend the highest interests of their race, and that attack is often the best method of defense.

Here I am thinking by no means only of the so-called uncultured masses. A feverish arms race is going on between the hostile nations in anticipation of such an eventuality, and disarmament efforts are proving futile.

However, and despite those dangers, should we not make at least an attempt to form such an association in spite of all dangers? I entirely agree with you. By the time the exchange between Einstein and Freud was published inunder the title Why War?

All this may give you the impression that our theories amount to species of mythology and a gloomy one at that! Of course, wars are generally started by disagreements and while disagreements do occur — which is made obvious by the amount of fighting and war in our world today — they can be kept to a civilized level on most occasions.

I now can comment on another of your statements. Doubtless either of the points I have just made is open to debate. This process may, perhaps, be likened to the effects of domestication on certain animals--it clearly involves physical changes of structure--but the view that cultural development is an organic process of this order has not yet become generally familiar.

The United Nations Organization, with all the good work that it has been doing, is not proving as effective as was desired.

Albert Einstein & Sigmund Freud

Therefore, I conclude — in my own opinion — that no, war is not necessary. A glance at the past history will tell now war has been a recurrent phenomenon in the history of nations.

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At the same time, your convincing arguments make manifest your deep devotion to the great goal of the internal and external liberation of man from the evils of war.

I am thinking of civil wars, for instance, due in earlier days to religious zeal, but nowadays to social factors; or, again, the persecution of racial minorities. I believe, moreover, that those whose duty it is to tackle the problem professionally and practically are growing only too aware of their impotence to deal with it, and have now a very lively desire to learn the views of men who, absorbed in the pursuit of science, can see world problems in the perspective distance lends.

In this connection may I set out a fragment of that knowledge of the instincts, which we psychoanalysts, after so many tentative essays and gropings in the dark, have compassed?

Political leaders or governments owe their power either to the use of force or to their election by the masses. The League of Nations collapsed completely under the tensions and stresses created by Hitler.

The fact of the matter is that fighting is a natural instinct in man. For the better conduct of an inquiry it may be well to don a mask of feigned aloofness. But here, at the outset, I come up against a difficulty; a tribunal is a human institution which, in proportion as the power at its disposal is inadequate to enforce its verdicts, is all the more prone to suffer these to be deflected by extrajudicial pressure.

All the rest is mere tautology and glosses. This fact was duly noted by a colleague of yours, Professor G. It spurs men to heroism and self-sacrifice. As you see, little good comes of consulting a theoretician, aloof from worldly contact, on practical and urgent problems! But recognition of this obvious fact is merely the first step toward an appreciation of the actual state of affairs.

Conflicts of interest between man and man are resolved, in principle, by the recourse to violence. I also believe that such an association of men, who are highly respected for their personal accomplishments, would provide important moral support to those elements in the League of Nations who actively support the great objective for which that institution was created.

It is easy to prove that one has evolved from the other and, when we go back to origins and examine primitive conditions, the solution of the problem follows easily enough. This I can hardly credit; I would like further details about these happy folkAlbert Einstein & Sigmund Freud Why War?

Albert Einstein: Sigmund Freud: For this, two things are needed: first, the creation of such a supreme court of judicature; secondly, its investment with adequate executive force. Unless this second requirement be fulfilled, the first is unavailing. Obviously the League of Nations, acting as a. War is necessary for instances where it is the only feasible way of achieving desirable outcomes (Bellamy 61).

For this philosophical justification to hold, a just cause for war has to be clearly established. Various situations have been described as just causes for conflict. This entry was posted in Essay examples.

An essay for English Mr. Bullen on our opinions of the necessity of war. Complete - id: + - Full 3/4 1/2 Expand Tighten Is War Necessary?

War: when the governments of different countries disagree on some issue, whether it is big or small, relevant or not or even worth fighting for. War is started by irresponsible parties in a. War may be the worst way imanigible to create peaceful societies but it is pretty much the only way.

Britain needed other countries to be rich enough to. Debate about whether or not war is a necessary evil. Voice your opinion and learn more about each side of the debate. Is war a necessary evil? Add a New Topic; Add to My Favorites Debate This Topic; Report This Topic War is never needed. Many of our problems could be solved by love, understanding, and compassion.

We do not need to. The Great War: Why Soilders Felt Like They Needed to Fight? Essay. Essay on Why the North Won the Civil War. The Civil War was a battle that no one wished to fight. The North only wanted to preserve the Union and saw war as a last resort in trying to bring the South back.

The South only wished to be left alone, and to go on with their lives.

Why is war needed essay
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