Writing a diary entry ks3 bitesize

After the last bomb landed in Hertfordshire in MarchAnn Maxtone Graham, who had been living in the relative safety of Market Harborough, Leicestershire, returned home to London. It is, however, a very honest account of how Warhol saw himself and the world.

All my love, John My darling boy, You must not worry about me, sweetheart. For keeping it a secret you can write in a coded form. Which of these connectives are you most likely to find in a recount?

Baskets and baskets of incendiaries clattered on the roofs and streets of the City of London. A warden dragged me to the ground as the scream of another bomb came, but he left me to run to a woman who was on fire.

That is, Stalin, Churchill and the U. So here it goes. If they will let me fight, I will; but if not, I will resign so as to be able to talk, and then I will tell the truth, and possibly do my country more good.

Years earlier inhe was appointed district leader of the Nazi Party in Berlin. Search Diary Writing Diary writing is considered to be a very personal form of writing.

Stratford, Bow and Plaistow are terribly smashed up. Writing what I see and feel would be a better way of expressing me: While this is a plus for lovers of literature, it is in some sense a tragedy that Kafka could not witness the adulation that his writing gained.

None of the above. Over the next few weeks, I returned to dig in the debris of our home although there was little left to recover. To be blunt, I am not very good at expressing my feelings towards others.

We were up for nine hours and the sky was lit by the most lurid glow from the tremendous fires in London.

Writing to describe

This is the first-ever diary entry of a nine-year-old Ernest Hemingway. He is having his meal. But on one occasion two or three weeks later, when raising up the corner of our flattened kitchen table, I was startled when a filthy stinking lump of fur moved and I took into my hands our old pet cat, still alive.

The day before her suicide inVirginia Woolf wrote the above entry into her diary, documenting a meeting with doctor and psychologist Octavia Wilberforce. Tube stations were used as bomb shelters A young girl clutches her doll while sitting amid the rubble of her bombed-out home Elizabeth Belsey was living in the family home in Keston, Kent, while her husband, Lieutenant John Belsey, served with the Royal Artillery at Thames Ditton in Surrey.

But, I doubt that. Patton had told a journalist in London that he believed the United States and Britain were destined to rule the world. Written when Kafka was 31 years old, the above quote is representative of his social outlook.

In some cases, diaries are interesting documents that reveal a story of a certain time or place, like the diaries of Anne Frank and Samuel Pepys. I got few pieces of biscuit and a mug of tea. The biscuits were too hard to chew, so I left it for the rats. In order from most to least important.

Although it should be yet Diary needs not be a very fine and organized piece of literature. As it so happened, Scott and his team would be remembered by history for the tragedy that would unfold on the return journey.

KS3 Literacy: Writing to Imagine, Explore and Entertain

She lived with us for several years after. Forty houses have been rendered uninhabitable and scores more in the street behind have had windows, doors, etc, destroyed.

In the river bed firemen toiled, coaxing slimy pipes into a battery of lines for vital water supply. If she had not been a respected writer, she would most probably have been locked away in an asylum. This was not the first time Patton caused controversy.

Key Stage 3 Writing

A few days later, the three remaining men were prevented from making advances to the nearby supply depot by dreadful snowstorms and high winds. Advertisement Share or comment on this article: There were so many buildings burning that the firemen were helping people rather than trying to put them out.

On the bus to Stoke Newington so many other passengers expressed sympathy for her, even in that filthy state.

And those big blue eyes.This diary extract is taken from My Story: Workhouse by Pamela Oldfield. A key stage 3 revision and recap resource for english, covering formal and informal writing.

Follwoing these rules can make your diary entry a good piece but these are not by any means the last word on diary writing. You can create your own rules or pattern according to your own convenience and needs.

Writing A Diary Entry Ks2 Power Point Diary Entry Writing Criteria Checklist / Rubric Name: Date: A A diary entry is an assignment where you, the writer. Mar 01,  · 10 Revealing Diary Entries Of Famous Figures. Alex Openshaw March 1, Share Stumble This diary entry was written following a meeting with President Eisenhower in which General Patton was reprimanded for a comment he made to the press.

The above writing from his journal is part of an open letter to Nirvana.

Informal writing

How to write a diary entry 1. How to write a Diary Entry 2. Here are some tips that will help your diary look real.

Writing a diary entry ks3 bitesize
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